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DawnMD offers discounts for employees enrolled through their employer. This is a great way to provide high quality primary care to employees of a small or medium sized business.

Here are some ways DPC can save an employer money: 

When employers couple a self-insured or partially self-insured plan with a DPC membership they save money. This is because DPC is a very affordable way to provide primary care, and primary care accounts for 80-90% of your employees healthcare needs. Having excellent primary care access reduces ER visits and spending on procedural and specialist fees. 

For employers that do not offer health insurance, offering DPC membership as a stand alone benefit can be an affordable way to improve employee retention. For $55/employee/month your employees have unlimited access to a board certified physician as well as access to wholesale prices on medications and discounted, transparent pricing on lab tests. If your employee couples this with a high deductible plan or a health share ministry, they have great overall coverage at a significant savings compared to a traditional insurance plan.

Paying DPC memberships is a pre-tax benefit you can pay through your corporation.

Same day or next day access to Dr. Jones can get your employee back to work quickly. No emergency room or urgent care waiting rooms.

In addition to the reducing the employee count requirement to 2, we are also cutting our enrollment fee in half for small businesses ($150 down to $75 in November and December. We know our small businesses may be struggling, and we want to help. 

Finally, if you are confused by the insurance/DPC lexicon available to you as a small business owner, we also have a great resource for you: David Powell is an insurance broker who can help advise small businesses with as few as 2 employees. He is with Allied National and he has 10 years of experience working with employers using DPC clinics. We have found that many insurance brokers have no idea what DPC is or how it can benefit small businesses so David is a real gem. You can contact the clinic and we can give you his information.