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Why Direct Primary Care?

DawnMD is an innovative practice model that overcomes barriers in the current overpriced healthcare system.



Direct Primary Care gives you improved access to a personal physician who knows you well and is available to help you navigate health related issues throughout your lifetime. Call, email or text us. We don’t mind.



The Direct Primary Care model reduces physician overhead by nearly 50% and cuts out middlemen allowing fair, transparent prices on primary care, ancillary services, and medications. At DawnMD you will never puzzle over a bill, and you will love the discounted lab and medication offerings.



By keeping our patient volumes low and cutting out busywork, we have more time to focus on you and your needs and to deliver higher quality outcomes. We work to keep you well, so you can spend more time being your best possible you.



The value in a membership to DawnMD comes in many forms: care continuity, a trusted partner in healthcare navigation, and high-value services for your dollar. Common office procedures that are expensive elsewhere are largely included in your subscription. See what’s included.


Here's what our patients say about us!

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Jones and her new Direct Care clinic. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and you can’t beat the accessibility. Her clinic is small, quiet, and intimate. It’s an incredibly comfortable and safe environment with unbeatable care.

Author avatar Janelle Harrison

We love the Direct Primary Care model. We love having a doctor who takes the time to listen and to get to know us. It gives us comfort to know we don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment when we have any type of concern. We can just text, email or call and we get a quick response on how the concern needs to be handled. Contact Dawn.MD to find out if this model is right for you. Your health is important and DPC is almost like having your own private doctor, there when you need them.

Carolyn Joswig-Jones

Dr. Jones is such an attentive physician. She is great at listening and processing your issues. Dr. Jones critically thinks about how to help you, and then talks you through all the ways she can help. She spends a lot of time listening and I feel my needs are always met. I highly recommend Dr. Jones.

Author avatar Larissa Seeber

Thank you so much for your help. By the way, being able to email you about this and our experience so far with you has just been wonderful.

Amanda Hess

I am so grateful for Dr. Jones! Recently I had a minor stitch up and was in within the hour to take care of my finger. I highly recommend her and her practice. Over the last 2 yrs she has helped me immensely and saved me a lot of money.

Stacy Lynn

Thank you for everything today Dr. Jones!! You are seriously the most amazing and knowledgeable PCP on the planet.

Hank Evans

Dr. Jones is my doctor and my wife's doctor, as well as the doctor for several of my children and grandchildren. Doctor Jones has a very pleasant manor, but most importantly, she is very knowledgeable and professional. She is also a good listener. I highly recommend Dr. Jones.

Edward Van Nuland

Dr. Jones is truly the best. She has empathy for all her patients, and treats each one with the respect and care that they need. She is also available throughout the day, so you are receiving that extra care that many providers cannot provide. I know that I can trust her and she will do her best to find a solution for me. Having direct primary care is the future of medicine, and Pullman is lucky to have Dr. Jones provide this care and professionalism in the present.

Marlene Gaynair

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