Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You may download it here.

No, it is not! Please carry insurance to cover catastrophic health events or major unforseen medical expenses.

Insurance should act as a safety net in case of catostrophic medical illness such as a car accident or a cancer diagnosis. Insurance should not dictate what medication you can take, what tests your doctor can order or how your medical care is delivered. Insurance should not equal medical care. Beyond issues of control, insurance adds costly layers to your medical care. Burdens in the forms of prior authorizations, check-boxes for billing purposes, and ever changing drug formularies do nothing to improve patient care and cost money to implement. Doctors are forced to hire ancillary staff to bill, code, write office notes and fill out prior authorizations. These costs are paid by patients and contribute to overinflated health care costs. By cutting out middlemen, direct primary care helps lower costs and improves doctor and patient satifaction.

Absolutely! While we do not bill Medicare for our services, you can still take part in all of the other benefits of your Medicare plan (prescriptions, labs, radiology and specialist services, and hospital bills).

In the event that you require hospitalization, your insurance will be billed in the traditional way. This is what insurance should be used for, and why we recommend that you have it. While Dr. Jones can manage 80-90% of most patient’s needs, there are times where you will need specialty care beyond the scope of what Dr. Jones can offer. If your specialist needs can be done via a physician to physician correspondence we are excited to offer Rubicon: an amazing service that is included in your membership.

Yes, Dr. Jones does not prescribe ongoing narcotic or benzodiazepine medications. She uses these medicines cautiously, sparingly and only when indicated by current guidelines. She generally avoids medications and practices that are not evidence based. Dr. Jones does not prescribe medical marijuana.

A great question with many answers! Possibly the best argument for having a DPC doctor even if you have excellent health insurance is that you will have continuous access to a board certified physician who is up to date and who knows you. Most clinics carry such an overhead burden, that even the kindest and most giving doctors simply do not have the time in their day to answer your call, email you or even see you that day. Do you like to travel? Because of our membership model, we can offer telemedicine or email services for many maladies that may come up while you are away from our geographic location. Additionally, even with “good” health insurance, more studies and data are showing that people and businesses save money on healthcare with a DPC model. Those savings can come in the form of avoiding exorbitant imaging, ER or urgent care bills, avoiding over priced medications, or avoiding illness and missed work because of better accessibility to your doctor. Another place you will save money at DawnMD is specialist care via Rubicon. Not only will this potentially save you a trip to Spokane, but it will save you a large specialist visit fee!