Medical Ear Piercing at DawnMD

We utilize the Blomdahl ear piercing system to ensure accuracy, comfort, and sterility.

Unlike the mall, our office uses medical-grade sterile plastic earrings to avoid allergic reactions and risk of infection.

For most children, we can pierce both ears at the same time, if they'd like.

The ear piercing is done using sterile ear piercing jewelry, which is placed in a sterile, single-use piercing holder. The parts that you come into contact with are taken directly out of sterile packaging.

The cost is $57 per ear, $97 for both ears, and includes the procedure, the earrings, and the after-care cleaning wipes so you have everything you need.


Medical Grade Ear Piercing Service at an affordable price.

Ear Piercing

$57 per ear, $97 for two

Satisfaction guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

I ask patients to wait until after 3 months of age when they’ve had their first round of vaccines. This gives the earlobe time to grow and develop. For older children or teens we can perform the piercing at any time.

We use only medical-grade plastic. Your child can pick either pink or diamond—both sparkle plenty. The plastic decreases risk of irritation, infection, and allergy. I use a piercing gun, which makes it a breeze to pierce quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. Everything is completely sterile and nothing that touches the ear is ever reused.

We always mark the location so parent and child can confirm it’s correct. No one has perfectly symmetrical earlobes so minor variation in earlobe shape and size are expected and not a problem.

It’s ideal to leave in piercing studs for six weeks in lobster and twelve weeks for cartilage because piercing studs are a bit thicker, and over time the holes contract. If an earring happens to fall out, replace it with any earring available to keep the hole open.

You’ll have everything you need when you walk out of the office. We will provide instructions and swabs for cleansing. Always wash hands before touching earlobes, as initially the hole is essentially an open wound. You will have sterile wipes to use on the piercings for the first couple weeks after placement, and that is all you need!

Infection is a risk with any procedure. We make sure everything is sterile and as long as you cleanse appropriately, this shouldn’t be an issue. If there is any soreness, redness, or pus at the site of piercing, see your doctor within 24 hours. In rare cases if the infection is worse, the earring needs to be removed, and oral antibiotics are prescribed. After 6 to 12 months, the ear can be re-pierced. In other rare cases, especially with tiny earrings, the stud or earring can be swallowed up by the earlobe and result in pain, discomfort, and infection. It’s easy for us to fix this if it does happen. The studs we use have large front and back pieces so it would be very difficult for these studs to get stuck in the lobe.

Ear piercing fee is $57/ear or $97 for both and includes the ear piercing procedure, earring studs, and all the after-care supplies.

Ear piercing takes only about 20 minutes to complete. You may set up an appointment to have your child’s ears pierced by visiting the scheduling page and entering ear piercing as the reason for the appointment.

Absolutely! We provide this as a service to our members and to the community.

They should wait at least 24 hours before swimming, but should ideally wait until the wound is fully healed.

It’s best to avoid hanging or heavy earrings for at least 6 months after a new piercing, as it can pull on the hole and create a larger or elongated hole. If you are considering piercing your child’s ears, please find a professional, help your child keep the area clean, and see your physician right away if there is any sign of infection or irritation.

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